New Risk Assessment Integration Module (RAIMO) on our IMPRODOVA training platform!

RAIMO is now available online on the IMPRODOVA training platform in English and in German.

AIMO is designed as a modular instrument of domestic violence risk assessment and case documentation.

RAIMO consists of seven main pages: Principles of the risk assessment process, Step 1: Identification of risk factors, Step 2: Risk assessment, Step 3: Outlining necessary actions, and Step 4: Follow-up, Good-read and Materials. A case scenario ("Nora") runs through these steps. The purpose of the case scenario is to demonstrate the complexity of risk assessment and the benefits of multi-agency co-operation. The case provides users with practical examples and self-reflective questions on risk assessment. In addition, it contains further information about risk assessment tools and processes in six EU member states.

Since the risk assessment tools and processes vary significantly across the EU member states, a local German adaption was developed. RAIMO is designed so that its structure and content can be altered, and the material translated and adapted to national contexts. RAIMO is released without any copyright restrictions.

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